• Transparency

    Transparency is, in a word, openness. A foundation that operates transparently provides information in an open, accessible, and timely manner.

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    foundations have glass pockets

    Who Has Glass Pockets?

    93 foundations are showing their commitment to transparency and accountability.

    Glasspockets tracks 26 indicators of foundation transparency including:

    – Contact Information
    – Governance and Policies
    – Staffing Policies and Diversity Data
    – Grantmaking Information
    – Planning and Performance
    – Financial Information
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    Eye on the Giving Pledge

    With more than $710 billion in net worth, the 143 Giving Pledgers are a game- changing force in philanthropy.

    Glasspockets provides an in-depth look at all the pledgers, tracking their publicly-known charitable activities and giving interests.

  • Reporting Commitment

    Explore more than 29,000 grants worth nearly $23 billion on the Reporting Commitment map.

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    Social Media

    Foundation Transparency 2.0 tracks how foundations use social media.

    Foundation Transparency 2.0 includes links to:

    2009 Facebook pages

    1469 Twitter accounts

    312 foundation blogs

    + 24 other social media types!

  • Who Has Glass Pockets?

    We're tracking 26 indicators of foundation transparency, now including open licensing, strategic plans, and diversity data.

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    Does your foundation have glass pockets?

    Show Us Your Glass Pockets

    Demonstrate your foundation's online transparency.

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    We'll even review your submission with you before we post it!

    Not ready to submit?

    No problem, we have a worksheet you can fill in and share with colleagues, plus a handy heat map that shows you who's showing what.

    Talking About Transparency

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What We're Tracking

"We think that the foundation should have glass pockets.”
Russell Leffingwell, Chair, Carnegie Corporation, 1952

How Are Foundations Being Transparent in a Digital World?

  • Sharing Knowledge

    Through their work, foundations produce deep knowledge about successful strategies and lessons learned. We can share your knowledge on IssueLab.

  • Building Websites

    Fewer than 10% of U.S. foundations have a website. Having a website is easy and is the first step to online transparency. We can help with Foundation Websites.

  • Sharing Grants Data

    Sharing your grants data with us electronically helps the public understand your work. We make it easy with the Reporting Commitment and e-grant reporting.