Who Has Glass Pockets: Frequently Asked Questions


How do the foundations profiled in “Who Has Glass Pockets?” get selected to be profiled? Is it voluntary or by invitation?

Foundations can either voluntarily submit a “Who Has Glass Pockets?” profile or be invited by our Glasspockets team to show the world their foundation’s Glass Pockets.

Is there a particular score or number of elements that Glasspockets requires before accepting a foundation for a “Who Has Glass Pockets?” profile?

No, though there are currently 26 elements that comprise the “Who Has Glass Pockets?” assessment, there is no score associated with how many elements a foundation has achieved. The point of the assessment is for each foundation to have a road map to guide an internal discussion about what level of transparency makes sense for your foundation. We also provide a mechanism for foundations to share their profiles and demonstrate their commitment to greater transparency.

How did Glasspockets select this particular list of transparency and accountability elements?

This list came about as a result of our team combing through hundreds of foundation web sites and extracting an inventory of current foundation transparency practices. For every indicator on “Who Has Glass Pockets?” there were several examples of foundations already sharing that data. We also derived inspiration and guidance from our Glasspockets partners in the development of our list of indicators.

The “Who Has Glass Pockets?” profile asks about our foundation's use of social media. Does that mean Glasspockets equates tweeting and blogging with transparency?

The “Who Has Glass Pockets?” profile is comprised of a total of 26 transparency and accountability indicators. These appear in the central area of the profile and are denoted by check marks if the foundation makes this information available. As a helpful reference, across the bottom of the profile we also list the foundation's communication vehicles, such as links to annual reports, blogs, or social media feeds, but these are not considered part of the transparency and accountability indicators.

If my foundation participates, can we update the profile as we add more information to our web site?

Once your profile is added to Glasspockets, you are welcome to send us updates at any time. Please send your updated information to Janet Camarena at jfc@foundationcenter.org.

Once we complete the profile, what else can we do to achieve greater foundation transparency?

Once you complete the “Who Has Glass Pockets?” profile, additional steps you can take to greater foundation transparency include:

  • Contribute to a knowledge base for the entire social sector. Share your foundation’s reports, case studies, and research on Issue Lab.
  • Consider adding social media to your online activity. Review Transparency 2.0 for examples of how other foundations are using social media.
  • Help us improve the quality and accuracy of the grants data on which the field relies. Join the Reporting Commitment or become an e-reporter.
  • Become a transparency thought leader. Share your experience on our Transparency Talk blog.

Remember, foundation transparency should be considered an evolutionary process. We recommend that foundations revisit transparency practices at least once a year to see if changes in your approach are warranted.