• Open For Good

    Open For Good is a movement to encourage foundations to openly share their knowledge. When we are #OpenForGood, we all learn from each other — and that can make incredible things happen.

  • Share Your Results

    IssueLab: Results

    See Who Is Working on Your Issue

    IssueLab's hub for evaluations lets you share what you publish, so others can build on the lessons you've learned.

  • OFG #3 - Glickman Post

    Transparency Talk

    Evaluation Sharing Strengthens Foundation Work

    Center for Effective Philanthropy's Jen Glickman shows where foundations should focus their learning and sharing efforts to be #OpenForGood.

  • Are You #OpenForGood?

    When you share your knowledge, you open a world of possibilities.

  • Mandy Flores-Witte

    Transparency Talk

    Transparency and the Art of Storytelling

    Kenneth Rainin Foundation's Mandy Flores-Witte describes how the foundation, to evaluate lessons learned and accelerate change, has embraced openness in its communications.

  • Learn from Your Peers

    Explore the voices of knowledge sharing champions across the field.

  • Share Your Practices

    Transparency Trends

    Find Room for Improvement.

    Our interactive tools let you compare your foundation's transparency practices to its peers, add your profile, and help encourage openness.

    Talking About Transparency

  • In Transparency Talk

    New from the Glasspockets blog

  • What's Trending?

    No Moat Philanthropy

    Opening up and stepping away from a fortress mentality

    We invited the Bush Foundation's Jen Ford Reedy to
    reflect on her efforts to make the foundation more open.

    Eye on the Trump Administration

    Find out what's in store for philanthropy

    As Donald J. Trump's administration takes shape, we're taking a closer look at the philanthropic interests of those appointed to be part of his inner circle.

    How philanthropic is the Trump administration?

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What We're Tracking

"We think that the foundation should have glass pockets.”
Russell Leffingwell, Chair, Carnegie Corporation, 1952

How Are Foundations Being Transparent in a Digital World?

  • Sharing Knowledge

    Through their work, foundations produce deep knowledge about successful strategies and lessons learned. We can share your knowledge on IssueLab.

  • Building Websites

    Fewer than 10% of U.S. foundations have a website. Having a website is easy and is the first step to online transparency. We can help with Foundation Websites.

  • Sharing Grants Data

    Sharing your grants data with us electronically helps the public understand your work. We make it easy with the Reporting Commitment and e-grant reporting.