Elaine and Ken Langone

  • Joined the Giving Pledge: 07/14/2010 - Read the Letter
  • Estimated Net Worth: $2.7 billion
  • Forbes Rank: #638
  • Industry: Home equipment and furnishings; Computer software; Information technology services
  • Born: Elaine Langone - Information not available
    Ken Langone - 1935
  • Residence: Sands Point, NY

Kenneth Langone is a venture capitalist, investment banker and financial backer of The Home Depot. He is now CEO for Geeknet.

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Charitable Board Service

But nothing makes our society better than when we live up to its most caring ideals of service and selflessness.

Elaine and Ken Langone

Giving Interests

AIDS; Children and youth services; Education; Employment, services; Family services, domestic violence; Health Care; Housing and shelter; Jewish agencies and synagogues; Mental health treatment; Military and veterans' organizations

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