Jack and Laura Dangermond

  • Joined the Giving Pledge: 06/01/2016 - Read the Letter
  • Estimated Net Worth: $3.4 billion
  • Forbes Rank: #569
  • Industry: GIS Computer Technologies
  • Born: Laura Dangermond - Information not available
    Jack Dangermond - 1945
  • Residence: Redlands, CA

Jack and Laura Dangermond co-founded the GIS software company Esri in 1969, today recognized as the technical and market leader in GIS worldwide. Committed environmental philanthropists, the Dangermonds promote the use of GIS technologies for environmental stewardship and sustainable communities. In 2014, Jack Dangermond pledged to give away $1 billion in Esri software to K-12 schools in the US. In 2015, Jack and Laura Dangermond received the Audubon Medal in recognition of their work in conservation and environmental protection. The Dangermonds have also been strong supporters of university programs in geography and GIS technologies.

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Our vision was to improve the world ... making an enormous difference in issues ranging from climate change and natural resource management, to urban and regional planning, transportation, security and human health. We have committed on our departure, to contribute the majority of our personal wealth to these same activities.

Jack and Laura Dangermond

Giving Interests

Education; Environmental Conservation; Science & Technology