Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

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  • Estimated Net Worth: $1.45 billion
  • Forbes Rank: #1741
  • Industry: Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
  • Born: 1953
  • Residence: Bangalore, India

Mazumdar-Shaw planned to attend medical school after college, but wound up as a trainee brewer at United Breweries where her father was head brewmaster. In 1978 she met Leslie Auchincloss, founder of Ireland's Biocon Biochemicals. After founding Biocon India, she and her Scottish husband John Shaw went on to acquire Biocon India in 1998 following the sale of the conglomerate to Unilever. Mazumdar-Shaw refers to herself as a "compassionate capitalist" looking to use business solutions to address complex health and poverty-related issues.

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I am particularly concerned about the unbearable financial burden that debilitating diseases like cancer impose on patients in poor countries. I am also conscious of the fact that two thirds of the world’s population have little or no access to an acceptable quality of healthcare. When they do, the financial challenge pushes them into poverty.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

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Health Care; India; Poverty; Scientific research

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