API and QueryBuilder

Reporting Commitment data is open and free. This API and QueryBuilder are tools for extracting this data for use in your own applications. Web developers who are working in languages like JavaScript, PHP, and/or .NET can follow a simple three-step process to use the data:

  1. Sign up for your API key so you can get access to the data (although an API key is required, access to the data is always free)
  2. Construct a URL on your own, or use our query builder
  3. Insert that URL into your own application (popular use for URLs like these are in AJAX applications)

How are you using Reporting Commitment data? Web developers displaying or mashing up this data in new and creative ways are encouraged to share what they have done.

API Documentation

The data from the Reporting Commitment is available via application programming interface (API) for use within your own applications. Below is a QueryBuilder that will help you construct a URL to access the API.