Andrew and Nicola Forrest

  • Joined the Giving Pledge: 02/19/2013 - Read the Letter
  • Estimated Net Worth: $1.36 billion
  • Forbes Rank: #1367
  • Industry: Mining
  • Born: Nicola Forrest - Information not available
    Andrew Forrest - 1961
  • Residence: Perth, Australia

Andrew Forrest is a Western Australian mining magnate. He is currently the non-executive chairman and previously the chief executive officer of Fortescue Metals Group. He is also the public Ambassador of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.

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...while giving responsibly is challenging to do well, you will find it even more satisfying than the exhilaration you experienced when creating your enterprises. It was your logic, intuition, focus, foresight, good fortune, relentless determination and work capacity that produced the wealth you now ponder the future of. Yet it is also these same powerful talents that cause you to ask yourself, could I became a major philanthropist and responsibly use my wealth to improve communities and the lives of those less fortunate, potentially touching millions of people?

Andrew and Nicola Forrest

Giving Interests

Australia; Children; Employment; Health research; Indigenous communities; Reproductive health; Women; Youth Development