Ernest and Evelyn Rady

Ernest and Evelyn Rady
  • Joined the Giving Pledge: 05/31/2018 - Read the Letter
  • Estimated Net Worth: < $1 billion
  • Forbes Rank: Not Ranked
  • Industry: Insurance and Finance
  • Residence: San Diego, CA

Canadian born, Ernest and Evelyn Rady have made San Diego, CA since 1966, where Ernest began his career in financial services, real estate, and insurance. Evelyn Rady was a social worker for many years before retiring. Ernest Rady is the founder, President and CEO of American Assets Trust and founder and Chairman of Insurance Company of the West (later WestCorp) that was bought by Wachovia for $3.9 billion in 2006. In 2004 the Rady's gave $30 the Rady School of Management at University of California, San Diego (and another $100 million in to the university on 2018). In 2006 they gave $60 million to establish the Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine at San Diego's Children's Hospital (and another $120 million on 2015). In 2018 they gave $50 million to help create the Rady Residence at the Salvation Army Door of Hope Rady Campus to combat homelessness, and another $20 million to Jewish Family Services, a refugee resettlement agency in San Diego.

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    • For Year Ending: 12/31/2018
    • Assets: $59,393,139
    • Giving: $3,081,603
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Evelyn and I believe it is important to share our good fortune with others, and we are pleased to join the Giving Pledge.

Ernest and Evelyn Rady

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