Shamsheer and Shabeena Vayalil

Shamsheer and Shabeena Vayalil
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  • Estimated Net Worth: $1.5 billion
  • Forbes Rank: #1561
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Born: Shabeena Vayalil - Information not available
    Shamsheer Vayalil - 1977
  • Residence: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

With a BA in medicine and an MD in radiology, Shamsheer Vayalil - an Indian-born resident of Abu Dhabi - is founder VPS Healthcare, a UAE-base healthcare group with 22 hospitals and over 125 medical centers in four countries, and operating one of the largest pharmaceutical plants in the UAE. He manages Amanat Holdings, the Middele East's largest healthcare and education investment company. In the Abu Dhabi, Vayalil is a member of the UAE Medical Council, and the University of Sharjah College of Medicine's advisory council. In India, Vayalil is an advocate for expatriate rights in his home state of Kerala, India serving on the Kerala NRI Commission, and supporting the right to vote from overseas in India’s elections.

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For us, success means having created something that can make a positive and sustainable difference in the lives of people.

Shamsheer and Shabeena Vayalil

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