T. Boone Pickens

  • Joined the Giving Pledge: 08/04/2010 - Read the Letter
  • Estimated Net Worth: $1 billion
  • Forbes Rank: Not Ranked
  • Industry: Energy Industry (oil, gas and nuclear); Diversified financials; Investment management
  • Born: 1928
  • Residence: Dallas, TX

T. Boone Pickens founded the oil company later known as Mesa Petroleum in 1956. He is the founder and chairman of BP Capital Hedge Fund Management, which operates the hedge funds Capital Commodity and Capital Equity, both of which are heavily invested in the energy field. For the past decade Pickens has promoted alternative energies including natural gas and nuclear energy.

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I've long stated that I enjoy making money, and I enjoy giving it away. I like making money more, but giving it away is a close second.

T. Boone Pickens

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Environment; Health Care; Human Services; Medical Research; Natural resources; Higher education; Texas

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