You Zhonghui

You Zhonghui
  • Joined the Giving Pledge: 05/30/2017 - Read the Letter
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  • Residence: Shenzhen, China

You Zhonghui, Chairwoman of Shenzhen Seaskyland Investment Holdings Group Ltd. Leading figure in China education examination evaluation industry and self-dependent innovation area; CKGSB Philanthropy Award winner in the year of 2015; Talents big data theory founder and practitioner; Founder of the brand Seaskyland; Chairwomen of Seaskyland Investment Holdings Group; Board director of Talkweb information system Company; Chief Strategy Officer of Talkweb education.

Concurrently being the deputy director of Education Management Informationization Professional Commission of China Education Development Strategy Society; Guest professor of Chongqing University; Member of the Guangdong Committee of CPPCC; Member of the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Committee of CPPCC; Director of Shenzhen Association of Standardization; Vice chairman of Center for China & Globalization; Vice chairman of Shenzhen Innovation CXO club; Standing vice-chairman of Shenzhen enterprise confederation and Shenzhen entrepreneur association; Board members of Shenzhen homocentric club.

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Acting Positive makes people gain wisdom and wealth. In their pursuit of career development, the entrepreneur becomes bigger and stronger. Staying Kind, means to treasure life, respect nature, always have goodwill and be ready to help others in need. This makes people mentally healthy and blessed.

You Zhonghui